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Making cheese is a labor of love. Sometimes the recipe doesn't quite come out right, but with trial and error we have a scrumptious outcome to impress friends and family with.

The section will be filled with tips and tricks gleaned from books, the internet, but mostly you! This is your guild, please participate it its success!

Please note this disclaimer:, the Guild makes no warranties on the accuracies of information given on the Yahoo lists, or on other websites. As with all advice "found" on the internet - "Caution is preferable to rash bravery." King Henry the Fourth, Part One, by William Shakespeare.

Groups / Videos / Podcasts

Cheese Lists on Yahoo Groups
Artisan_Cheesemakers - ...Bring your questions, your cheesemaking recipes, your production tips, and your sense of humor. Artisan_Cheesemakers-L is the original email list for discussing the production, marketing and history of handcrafted and artisan cheeses, as well as all other dairy products.

BasicCheeseMaking - A Home Cheese Making group for the exchange of recipes, ideas, and discussion of ingredients & equipment needed to make cheese with goat milk. Discussion of making Kefir, sour cream, butter and other items is encouraged as well as the ageing process and use of starter cultures and where to purchase supplies. Participation by the Beginner, novice, homesteaders, experienced and small goat dairy owners is encouraged.

Cheesemaking - This group is for people interested in making cheese at home or on the small farm. Recipes, techniques and technical questions welcome.

Videos on Cheese

Dirty Jobs: Making Cheese with Mike Rowe

Alton Brown's Good Eats "Say Cheese"

Alton Brown's Good Eats "For Whom the Cheese Melts"



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