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It is the mission of our guild to support and encourage the art of cheese making. Although it may be difficult to demonstrate cheese making techniques at all events, it is our goal to provide a forum where the appreciation of cheese, its uses, benefits, and the techniques for its creation can be actively shared and discussed by the populace.

Our motto "Blessed be..." comes from the very cheesy "period" movie Monty Python's Life of Brian. This video clip on YouTube contains our motto. Please be advised that this is an R rated movie - it is not suitable for younger listeners.

Our guild's charter was lost in the "great flood" of 2007, but we will have a new one soon. Please come forward and help us present it to their Majesties when the time comes!




inagural meeting at June Crown, Time: between end of the List and Court. Location: Their Highnesses of the Mists pavillion.

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Some of these might be a little grating...

Kingdom of the West
Principality of the Mists
Principality of Cynagua
Principality of Oertha


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